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Current news

Latest projects and news from our company. Keep up to date.

Opening of the T-Building - the new city library in the Rikard Benčić complex in Rijeka

We have successfully handed over the new city library in the Rikard Benčić…

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Introduction to work – DSO MORAVČE

Last week we were introduced to a new project - New construction of a home…

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Complete post-earthquake rehabilitation of the largest economic school in Croatia

In Zagreb, we are carrying out work on the complete post-earthquake…

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Completion of the Sereno neighborhood project

Some time ago, we completed our residential and commercial project Soeska…

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Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ljubljana

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Institute for the Deaf…

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Completion of the Provincial Archives MB project in Murska Sobota

These days, we are submitting an application for the issuance of a use…

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