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Latest projects and news from our company. Keep up to date.

The company VG5 is returning to familiar territory

The company VG5 is returning to familiar territory - together with a…

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New project - Vevče swimming pool area

The company VG5 d.o.o. will revive and build the Vevče swimming pool area…

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Signed contract for the construction of the Vodmat residential residence in Ljubljana

In the company VG5 d.o.o. we are looking forward to signing a new contract…

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Reconstruction of the three hangars of the Petar Petrič Barracks in Kranj

In July, in Kranj, we started the reconstruction and static rehabilitation…

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Jelšin Gaj project in Ljubljana

In June, we started the construction of the Jelšin Gaj project in the Trnov…

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Serviced apartments in Žarova in Velenje

In Velenje, we have completed the contract works for a multi-apartment…

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